Yakezie Carnival: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Edition

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You may or may not already know this, but The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum is not just a beautiful and whimsical modern day fairy tale. It is also theorized to be a clever allegorical tale of politics and money. It strongly alludes to a short-lived Populist movement that occurred in the 1890's that opposed the gold standard and wanted to move to a gold and silver backed currency. Farmers were backing free silver during a time of economic unrest while the Industrialized East and bankers wanted to keep the gold standard.

These are some of the symbolic representations 
and some great Yakezie articles.

Dorothy from Kansas Dorothy represents The Everyman or The Girl Next Door. She is everything that is good about America, honest and kind-hearted. Kansas is representative of the heartland of America and farming. Kansas was also a Populist stronghold
The Scarecrow He represents Populist farmers who people thought did not have a brain, but in all actuality were quite intelligent.
The Tin Man He symbolizes the industrial worker. Suggesting that the industrialist have taken the heart out of the working man. When we first meet the Tin Man he is immobilized and has joined the ranks of the unemployed.
The Cowardly Lion Many believe that this may be Senator William Jennings Bryan. He was thought of as cowardly for not fighting for free silver wholeheartedly.
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Family Money Values has some excellent advise to Increase Your Website Traffic - Write for Today's Readers In today's electronic world we are bombarded with information. Weeding through the information to get what we need is a time consuming task. If you receive lengthy and disorganized information, you probably ignore it. As writers, we are responsible for satisfying our readers, so how can you write for today's readers?
The Yellow Brick Road The gold standard. The journey to see the Wizard of Oz symbolizes the Populist movement attempt to gain political control.
The Silver Slippers In the book the slippers are silver and represent the free silver movement moving toward the seat of government.
The Wizard of Oz Politicians, charlatans. The Great and Powerful Oz is really just an ordinary man who only tricks people into thinking he wields great power. Oz is also the abbreviation for ounce, the unit of measurement for precious metals.
The Emerald City This is believed to represent Washington DC, the seat of government. Green also symbolizes money.
Everything Finance gives us The ABCs of Investing in a Debt World Pay Yourself First (Not the Bill Collectors). When your gains compound, you can become financially free. When your debt compounds, you are enslaved by your bills. Do not wait until you get out of debt to start saving and investing. You will never get out of debt if you do not increase your assets and income.
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Deliver Away Debt gives us a Peer to Peer Lending Review: Lending Club A review of how Lending Club works, the fine print, and the bottom line.
Parenting Family Money has a timely article about 5 Ways Around the Student Debt Trap College expenses aren't going down anytime soon (ever?). What's a student to do? Here are 5 ways to help get around the student debt trap. 
My Personal Finance Journey writes about Account Hierarchy Paradox - Should Paying Off Debt, Saving for Retirement, Having an Emergency Fund, or Securing Health Insurance Be Your Highest Priority? Deciding how to prioritize new money as it comes in is especially important, as well as significantly difficult. This decision process becomes even more cumbersome when a person has large amounts of consumer debt, which is becoming more and more prevalent in today's society. 
The Wicked Witch of the East This is thought to be Grover Cleveland. Cleveland fought to repeal the Sherman Silver Purchase Act. It could also represent the pro-gold standard financial industry like Wall Street.
The Wicked Witch of the West She may represent several different ideas. One being the land west of the Mississippi is much less fertile than to the east. She is killed with water representing what the farmers need to for have successful crops.

The Good Witches of the North & South The free silver movement was heavily supported by the South and the northern Mid West. It's fitting that these would be seen as helpful and kind forces that bring Dorothy and the silver slippers to Oz.
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My Journey to Millions How I Increased My Net Worth 50% This Year I have increased my net worth 50% this year.  How?  Quite simply by focusing intensely on my expenses and my debt and by making extra money.
Prairie Eco Thrifter gives a warning with A Major Problem with the Modern Day Stock Market Investors should have learned this from the stock market crash in 2008, that there is a major flow in the modern stock markets. That flaw lies in computer algorithms and trading.
Darwin's Money write about how the US Loses Triple A Credit Rating – It’s About Time With the US losing its AAA credit rating from a key ratings agency, these are the implications you need to be aware of as an American.
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Wealth Informatics tells us  Where to get free stuff A compilation of resources on where to get free stuff (starting from free travel guides, free movies to free credit score and more) 
Toto A play on teetotaler, prohibitionist. The Prohibition Party generally followed the free silver movement.

The Tornado Thought to be political upheaval and rebellion.

Uncle Henry This could be a nod to Henry Wallace, famous farmer and 33rd Vice President of the United States.
The Munchkins The people, ordinary citizens.

The Crime of '73 In 1873 the silver dollar was eliminated from the currency, paving the way to The Gold Standard Act, this was later seen as a catalyst to The Great Depression.
In the book, Dorothy is led to a room via seven passages and three flights of stairs.
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Of course, like most everything, there is a bit of contention on whether or not L. Frank Baum intended to make this story an allegory or if it is all merely coincidence. Baum always said that he wrote the story for the pleasure of children. I, for one, don't put much stock in coincidence and hope the meaning is intentional, it makes this story all the more greater.

All illustrations drawn by W.W. Denslow

Thank you to everyone who participated in this week's Yakezie Carnival.