Ways to Get Excited About Paying Off Debt

It's time to get excited about paying off that debt.

Yeah, you heard me. Getting all energized for paying off those credit cards. I know from experience that seeing all that money go to debt repayment can be a little disheartening. I think a huge key to our success was making it fun and giving us every reason to get excited. Here are some ideas to get pumped up about your debt reduction.

Make a chart
Most people love a visual, so make a chart. Like this ruler one. Okay, so this is actually a growth chart, but it could be easily modified to become a debt reduction chart.

Even if you aren't so crafty, you could still whip up a thermometer style reduction chart on a piece of paper. 

Having something hanging up that can be an everyday reminder of the choices you are making can do wonders for your motivation. Just knowing you are making the right choices can sometimes get you pumped up. And you get to color. 

<= On a side note, why didn't I think of this when my kids were little? It's so stinkin' cute.


Create a Goals List
Flickr-Angie Torres 
One of the things I did routinely when we were paying off our debt was to make a goals list and then make another one and then another. It was surprising to me that our goals were ever changing throughout our journey. 

This is something you can reevaluate during your debt reduction process. There is a reason you want to be debt free. Reworking your goals will be a reminder of what your reason is, because it can and probably will change.

Give Yourself an Incentive
If you reach a predetermined goal, you should be proud and should be commended. I am a huge advocate for celebrating small victories. Especially if you have a large debt load. It's about changing your behavior not completely depriving yourself forever.

Decide on your goal and what your prize should be. One of our prizes was a "don't worry about the price" date. Yeah, we had surf and turf while paying off debt and it was fantastic. It was great way to revitalize our motivation.


Read Those Success Stories
Everywhere you turn in the personal finance blog world someone is making (or has made) strides in their debt repayment. Not only is there much fist-pumpin' inspiration in their stories, they have wisdom to share. Take that wisdom and use it.

When I first started down this road, I read everything I could about reducing debt and personal finance. This gave me so many ideas on what I thought would work best for my family. I made a plan from scratch and it was tailor made for our needs. If one idea didn't work for us, I didn't use it. You have to find what works for you.

Debt repayment can be a trek in itself, but making it an adventure and not forgetting to have fun in the process has made all the difference.