August 9, 2011

My Most Favoritist Key Words

I love looking at what sometimes brings people to my blog. Of course, most of the search words are 'debt free by thirty'. Once I saw 'debt free by thirty niki'. That made me smile, but here are some that made me snort and giggle.

glazed look in my eye when seen im in debt
-This one really cracks me up. I think it's the grammar and the glazed look. If this is on my blog somewhere it really is news to me.

if you aren't dreaming than you're just sleeping
-This is on my about me page. I do like the saying.

debt free cake
-Yes, please.

how to get water leaks in car paid for
-I don't know how to accomplish this or why you would want to.
stacker mallow smores
-These are awesome.
swissgear smartshade beach
-I really don't know what this is. Maybe I should Google it.
thirty thousandaire
-This just rolls right off the tongue. I like it.
we survived may 21st now what
-Am I supposed to know the answer to this?
suppertime + gail-vax-oxlade
-Sounds like fun.
advantures in my freezer
-Is that you spaghatta nadle?
minimalist sailor
-There are quite a few searches for this. I just want to say back off ladies, he's taken.
black cats and red cucumbers

Have you guys found any interesting key words on your blog?