A Letter to No

Dear No,

I just wanted to say thank you. You have pulled your weight in gold for me and my family through this extraordinary year of eliminating our debt.

Occasionally, I think you are misunderstood. You’re not such a bad guy. You have a power that few comprehend. Usually your negative connotation puts people off, but for me, you were empowering and made a positive impact on my life.

You were my advocate when I was bombarded by family to take an unbudgeted ski trip.

My old cable company has learned of your effectiveness.

You contributed to the conversations in my head on what I actually needed not wanted.

Some, like the Joneses’, may not appreciate you. And to that I say, who needs them anyway? They’re out of touch with reality. You and I are like peas and carrots now. Friends 'til the end.

So, thank you again. You had my back when I needed it most.

Best wishes,