In Which I Reflect

The journey to our financial independence started almost a year ago.

I have learned so many tips about saving money. The list is long and varied from making our own birthday or holiday gifts to canceling our cable. But I have definitely learned more things about myself than I would have ever realized. I knew I would have to change things about myself in order to accomplish our goal, but I never imagined I would enjoy these changes so much.

I am a frugal person. In the broad spectrum of personal finance this is where I lie. I think I have always been a frugal person, but my priorities weren’t in line with becoming financially independent. Now I am embracing frugalism to take me down this path to become more secure with our finances. My frugalness has a purpose.

Frugal is not a bad word to me and it doesn’t carry with it those negative connotations that it does for some others. Frugal to me means not being wasteful, spending prudently and saving wisely. I find nothing negative about any of these things. I do them all with a song in my heart.

Though I have my feet firmly planted here on the frugal side of personal finance and here is where I am most comfortable, I find myself very interested in the in the other side of finance as well. I want to and have been trying to learn more about investing and retirement accounts. I want to make my money work for me. This has been a slower process than I would have liked, but just because I want to learn about it doesn’t make it automatically exciting. It’s definitely been work.

We are making progress.

Before this all started all of our TSP contributions (401K equivalent for military/government) went into the same fund. We have now diversified our contributions across the board. We also have got the ball rolling on opening up two Roth IRA accounts. Last year I couldn’t tell you the difference between Roth IRAs and Tradtional ones, this year I could tell you all about both. That could and probably will be a whole other post. We are getting are feet wet learning the benefits of 529 plans. It would be quite a lofty goal to be able to pay for all three of our children's college education. It may not be entirely attainable, but we are headed in the right direction.

I have learned so much this year. Mostly from blogging and bloggers. Our financial future has gotten a whole hell of a lot brighter. Goals and dreams may be within our grasp. Not just this idea in my mind. A true fruition of dreams into reality. So many thanks to all the personal finance bloggers, I really would not be here at this point in my life if I had not stumbled upon this blogging world.