August 1, 2011

Gettin' Outta Debt Month

August is a very exciting time here at the Debt Free By Thirty household. Not only are we celebrating one year of blogging toward the end of the month, we are also going to be consumer debt free on Saturday, August 13th!! It's so close!!!

Now I could write a single, slightly classier, post about how we are finally debt free, but what fun would that be? I am gonna go balls to the wall crazy with excitement. Because quite frankly I deserve it!
This is the official plan for August 13th!

To celebrate this wonderful month I will be blitzin' the blog with posts about how we did it, why we did it and how you can do it too! I will also be sharing what's next for us. Oh, and I can't forget about Debt Free By Thirty's first ever giveaway. More details to come as we near the end of August.

So I hope you join our wild and crazy gettin' outta debt and our one year celebration.