DIY Friday

Thank you to Lindy for giving me every good reason to finish up this dang project that has been sitting in my garage for over 8 months. Over at Minting Nickels, the first Friday of the month is DIY Friday. She tells us what she did to hack her home and we share our projects too.

I found this desk for $7.50 at a Goodwill store back in November of last year, I had every intention of bringing it back home to paint. Yeah, that didn't work out the way I planned. In my defense it was a bit too cold to paint, but that was just the first in a long line of excuses. So it sat in the garage collecting a really scary amount of spiders. So my lesson learned is paint it before spiders make it their home and raise their young there.

Painting a piece of furniture is the most frugal way to update it. I have painted quite a few items in our home from dressers to light fixtures. It is always the most cost effective, but not always the easiest thing. It's mostly the prep work that is irritating, but it comes with the territory.

I also found seven empty wooden frames and a cute mirror at Goodwill, all for a dollar each. I decided to bring them home at the same time and paint them too. They also make very nice spider homes.

After cleaning up both the desk and the frames, screaming and shuddering in the process, I sanded and painted them with the same paint we used on our baseboards and trim work around the house. Also known as free paint.

This is in my daughters' room. The black paint is chalkboard paint. It was here when we moved in and I love it. It has been so much fun. We have a whole birds and bugs (mostly butterflies and dragonflies) theme going on in the room. So I thought the birdcage pulls would be fitting.

I turned one of the frames into a cork board from some cork I had from a failed experiment. Eventually I would love to make two of the other frames jewelry holders using wire or wire mesh. Maybe that will be next months DIY Friday:)

Desk: $7.50
Frames and Mirror: $8.00
New Hardware: $12.46 ($3.49each, plus 10% off (love military discount)
Paint and supplies: All from home
TOTAL $27.96

Go on over at check out Minting Nickels Hacked Home.

p.s. I just decided I want a new camera. One that I can just take a photo and BAM! it's awesome. No tinkering or remembering what aperture is. My photography skills are 50/50, meaning half my photos are crap and the other half are just barely not eye torture. Might even be 60/40.
Does this camera exist? 
Does pretty photography count as an emergency:)?