Because They're Awesome Links

Over at In-Debt, Fat, Short with Bad Teeth, Captain Sweatpants asks a completely legitimate question for us ladies about being awesome. 

The Broke Sensualist gets inspired and inspires, because she's awesome. And so is Sheryl Sandberg!

MutantSupermodel has an awesome day.

BrokeTO is kickin' ass and takin' names with her $100 Grocery Challenge. You know why? Because she is awesome.

You know who else is conquering an awesome challenge? Laura at No More Spending. She is showing her spending fast challenge who's the boss.

Andrea at So Over Debt wrote unsent letters. Dear Andrea, You're awesome. Love, Niki

Annabelle from Year of Shopping Detox finds the most awesomest side income opportunity ever.

Lindy tells us how she learned to just go with it, even when we aren't feeling so awesome.

If you are in the mood, check out my interview at Thrift Culture Now. I think it turned out pretty well, I mean awesome.

And I'm awesome too! 
Are you happy Captain Sweatpants?