All in the Family

I have written about how I don't talk about money with our family before. Mostly because for the most part both our families practice different personal finance views. Through blogging, I seem to have created a whole other family dynamic. It's a family where we talk and discuss freely money related issues, it is quite refreshing.

Please humor this only child as imagine myself with a huge personal finance family.

Inspirational Mothers: Life Doesn't Begin at RetirementMy Year of Spending Less and Living More and My 1/2 Dozen Daily
Jane, Sharon and Carla, I know you are all way (please notice the emphasis on way) too young to be my actual mothers, but you always have great advice and cheery dispositions. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

Responsible Dads: Frugal Dad and The Simple Dollar
Always with the great advice and tips.

Frugal Grandmother: First Gen American
I know Babci doesn't actually write this blog, but you hear her voice loud and clear. Thank you Sandy.

Practical Older Brothers: Retire by Forty and 101 Centavos
You know the over achieving good head on their shoulders type.

Younger Goof Ball Brothers: Budgets are Sexy and In-debt, Fat, Short with Bad Teeth
The ones that always manage to crack you up.

Smarter, Funnier, Mintier (Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!) Sisters: Minting Nickels and In Mint Condition
Lindy is my blogging twin (we aren't identical, obviously, but our blogs started on the same day) Both these ladies have great senses of humor and their blogs are great too. Thanks for making me laugh and your kind words.

Sister Who Moved Away When She Got Older Girl With Red Balloon
Where are you? Miss you, Red.
Have you heard the news! She's back!!! We've missed you so.

Fashionable Younger Sister: The Year Of Shopping Detox.
We both share a love for LC and fingernail polish.

Encouraging Young Aunts: Won't Go Down Without A Fight and No More Spending
They always got your back with wise words and support. Thank you jpkittie and Laura.

The PF blogging world has so many great members (family or not) and it really is growing everyday. I love being able to share in a bit of your lives, while telling a bit about mine. Thank you to everyone for making blogging so much fun!

P.S. We just heard the good news yesterday that the Sailor will officially remain a sailor. I just wanted to share and thank everyone again for being so kind and keeping us in your thoughts.