2011 Goals Update

Financial Goals

1. Get out of credit card debt. 
Done! Woo to the hoo!

2. Track coupon savings. 
I have lost my enthusiasm for using coupons. Must find it.

3. Save $1200 for Christmas. 
$825 and change saved

4. Save $600 for 30,000 mile maintenance. 
$275 saved.

5. Save for a new washer and dryer.  
This is seriously lacking and now the the debt is gone I have to get serious about this one. Washer and Dryer are the Intensive Care Unit and it's not lookin' good.

6. Make some extra cash
I had a really good month of making extra money. We brought in an extra $669.70 and our total for the year is $1,763.98.  

Personal Goals

1. Read at least 20 books. 
Thanks to Percy Jackson and his friends I have read 20 books this year. Another goal met! Yes!

 Complete 4 home improvement projects.
I have completed the third home improvement project. I will be sharing soon.
3. Grow an herb vegetable garden. 
I am rocking the garden. 
4. Be nice to the sailor.
I think I was really nice this month.

5. Blog at least 15 posts a month.
Check plus. 

The Walking Resolution
This is still coming along.

Overall it has been an excellent month for us. We brought in a decent amount of side income, wiped out my reading goal and most importantly became consumer debt free!!

As for my mini monthly goal of making through August, I obviously completed that goal. That was a simple one, but there was a lot of commotion this month and I didn't want to add too much.

My September goal is to volunteer at least 10 times this month at the school library. There have been a lot of cut backs at the school and I know they could use all the help they can get.