We're Home!

We are home from our vacation and I am excited to tell you we had such a blast.

We still have a few more exciting things planned for the rest of the weekend. Today is going to be bittersweet as we are going to say goodbye to some really old friends, but it is time.

I wanted to say a special thank you to my Yakezie Summer Team for being an awesome group of bloggers.

I am over the moon excited to report that as of today my Alexa rating is under 200,000. Back in June, I decided to join the Yakezie Challenge. After my domain name change I was at a 17.5 million ranking and now I am at 198,878. Yay! *Happy Dance* That may or may not include the running man.

This is only possible because of you guys. Thank you to those who continue to read and share in this exciting adventure I am on. And thank you to the people who take the time to comment. I love comments. Did you know they are a bloggers' fuel?

Next week I am going to share how we saved money on our vacation! Until then hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!