That is Going to Cost Me

Debt Free By Thirty is on vacation this week, 
but here's a post proving it never hurts to ask from last February.

This week brought on a mini panic attack as I clicked to open up my cell phone bill. My bill is usually around $60, so I thought they mixed up my phone bill with some foolish lady who goes 257 minutes over their alloted minutes. 

Nope. I am the foolish lady. 

Usually, I am very diligent about checking my minutes, but not last month, obviously. I guess laziness got the better of me. This is the first time I have gone over my minutes and as of now I am pretty sure it will be the last. This mistake was gonna cost me $186.88. Didn't I just say something about being under budget this month? I guess I tempted fate.

So as a sulked to the back of the house to tell the Sailor of my costly mistake, he laughed at me and said, "Good thing we aren't eating out this month". Way to look at the bright side Sailor. I suddenly thought about calling my phone provider, maybe they would grant me amnesty. The sailor laughed at me again when I suggested it. "Why would they do that for you?" Then I reminded him that he must be forgetting how awesome I am and that is why they would do it for me.

Within a couple minutes I was on the phone with a very nice man who, I could tell, was noticing how awesome I am. I told him I knew that I made the phone calls and I wasn't disputing any of the charges and I never go over my minutes and that I understood if nothing could be done. He told me to hold on a moment. I did, waiting, bopping my head to pop music. Then the nice man came back on the phone and told me how awesome I am. Okay, not really, but he did take $45 off my bill, which is actually better news in the long run.

My $186.88 mistake became a $141.88 mistake. It will not be one I make again anytime soon, I will be implementing a weekly check on my minutes. I am still shocked that I went that much over, I didn't have a clue I was even a little bit over. So two lessons learned. One, I talk way more than I think and two, it never hurts to ask.

Oh yeah, and I'm awesome. 
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