Summer Savin' with my Yakezie Summer Team

It's time for summer lovin'. All my Yakezie summer team members are pumpin' out the savings and investing content. And if your aren't following them on twitter yet, I made it easy for you just click their @ and follow. If you don't have a twitter account then A) ignore or B) sign up. What are you, anti-media-social?
I love trying to fix things when they are broken rather than going and buying something new. Denise at The Single Saver has a great video on how to fix a garden hose. That's one way to save a buck. @TheSingleSaver   
Live Real, Now has a great article on cutting the cost of legal fees. Cha-ching savings@LiveRealNow   
Thank you, Sustainable Personal Finance for the fantastic idea of cooking outdoors. Saving money on utilities and keeping me cool. @SustainablePF   
Julie at The Family CEO has a wonderful collection of inspirational money quotes. Get inspired, save some money! @TheFamilyCEO   
Money is the Root had a great guest post by No Debt MBA outlining how stability can help build wealth. Just another reason moving sucks. @MoneyIsTheRoot1
Broke Professionals also had a great guest post from Andrea at So Over Debt on how to cut lunch expenses without brown bagging it. Follow Andrea @sooverdebt 
This is the way to save some serious cash, live on one paycheck. Retire by 40 tells us how he's going to do it. @retirebyforty   
Marissa at Thirty Six Months figures out how she can save herself some money. Maybe it has something to do with figuring out her live sports addiction, just maybe. @Thirtysixmonths
Dining Out Challenge is all about saving money... you guessed it, when dining out. This is one you should follow if this is your temptation. (Shyly raises hand) @diningchallenge
One Cent At A Time asks do your really need your Netflix subscription?  (Proudly nodding yes) @onlyonecent  
Jeff at Sustainable Life Blog ponders the most fun PF possibility, if he had a million dollars. If I had a million dollars, I'd be rich! @sustainlifeblog  
Evan from My Journey to Millions shares an in depth post on his dividend investment portfolio. Posts like these tend to scare me a bit, but Evan does a wonderful job of holding my hand through it, so I don't feel like a complete idiot by the end of it. Thank you. @MJTM
Financial Success For Young Adults tells us how she saw a 68% return in three months and gives some advice. This will be fun to keep an eye on throughout the year. @FSYAonline  
Invest With Passion asks what car is considered to be high risk on auto insurance? Probably not my car, but one day I will have one of these... might see a boost in my insurance then. @iwp
Hunter from Financially Consumed is celebrating his 100th Post and $100 Google AdWords Giftcard Giveaway.@financiallyc
Special shout out to Blonde on a Budget for the genius idea of making it super duper easy to follow my teammates on twitter. You rock! @blondeonabudget

If you are looking for some serious frugal fun check out my guest post at The Saved Quarter on Geocaching for Dummies. @thesavedquarter

Hope everyone has a great weekend.