Squash-tastic: 8 Ways to Use All That Summer Squash

As some of you already know we grew our very first garden this year. So far we have had sugar snap peas, romaine lettuce, a wee bit o' spinach, zuchinni and summer squash. Lots and lots of summer squash. I think this one squash plant has a fairy godmother or something because everyday there is a new and huge squash ready for harvest.

Now the whole point of having the garden is to save money and that won't work if we don't use its bounty before it goes bad. Here are some ways we have been enjoying our squash before it sees the wrong end of our compost pile.

Grilled Squash
Simple and tasty. Just slice it up, drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper, then it's grillin' time. And then you got yourself a tasty and healthy side dish.
Chocolate Summer Squash Bread
For this one I just substituted yellow squash for the zucchini in this chocolate zucchini bread recipe. I know, I am a squash user upper genius.   
Zucchini and Summer Squash Gratin
I found this recipe on foodgawker. Help! I'm addicted to foodgawker. I am sure I need some sort of treatment for that.
Vegetable Tian
This recipe was amazing. This also helped me use up some of our zucchini and garlic that a neighbor gave us.

Stuffed Squash Blossoms
All I can say is yummers! Thank you to Retire by 40, for this culinary mind bending idea. I wasn't able to make a bunch of these because there were so few blossoms, but the little I did get to make, mmm mmm good. I love using all the parts of the plant.

Squash and Zucchini Sandwich
Have leftover grilled squash? Make a yummy sandwich. Add tomato, parm and pesto and eat!

Herbed Summer Squash and Potato Torte
Mmm delicious. I did tweak this recipe and used chives instead of green onion. The chives are from the garden too. Oh, and I added garlic, because you should always add garlic. Now, this ain't the prettiest dish, but it is tasty.

Cheddar Fried Squash
This must be the southerner in me, but anything fried is a-okay in my book. A great side dish recipe.

Well, I am sure there are some other ways to use up all this yellow squash. Please share, I am running out of ideas. There is so much of it! I am starting to like the hidden squash recipes, you can only take so much, you know? Anybody know any squash preserving recipes? 

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