It's Almost Vacation Time and a Few Links

Yay! Vacation time, well almost, we'll be leaving on Monday. Roller coasters watch out! 

We are going in a cave too. Spelunking here we come! 

I thought I would share some of the great posts I read this week, before I officially check out.

This first one is not actually a post but the whole blog, I couldn't choose just one post it's all so good.
In Mint Condition is written by Lane, she has a wicked sense of humor and is on a mission to be debt free with the help of her TPS Reports. Have you seen my stapler?

First Gen American asks, Is Your Big House Making You Fat? 
Here's another new blog, it's written by Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
How I Make Money Blogging is the newest brainchild from the goddess of all things blog. This woman is incredible; she has a full time job and full time blogs. Her next blog should be called How I Function With Only Two Hours of Sleep a Day.
Molly reflects on her life with 40 Something Molly.
Make sure you have got some time for this one... Broke Professionals put together an amazing list of 1000+ Ways to Save Money from Yakezie Network blogs.

Digging Out and Up has the ultimate hilarious and practical guide to buying a car and negotiation with Check Yourself....Before You Wreck Yourself
Well I am off to pack and get things ready. Hope everyone has a great weekend!