July 6, 2011

For the Love of Netflix

I love Netflix, I understand it isn't for some people (Canadians, I'm sorry), but I really do love it. For the price it really is a fantastic option. Especially for the streaming and when I stop to think about it the technology associated with it is absolutely amazing. There are so many great movies that you can just point and click and BOOM you are watching it. Do you remember VHS tapes? No boom there, unless you dropped it on your foot.

When I would visit my grandparents, besides playing outside for hours, I would watch movies. My grandparents had cabinets and cabinets full of movies, they even had a binder with a list of movies by alphabetical order with a number that corresponded to what cabinet it was in. All on VHS tapes. My grandparents were in a video club, but I can't imagine all the money spent on those films. I know they enjoyed movies, but they bought those movies for their children and grandchildren and great grand children when they came up to visit the boonies. I shudder to think how much money they could have saved with Netflix.

Let's not forget how wasteful VHS tapes are now. All that plastic. Does anybody even own a VCR? We gave ours away last year at our yard sale. Netflix you rock!

Here are some shows and movies we are enjoying instantly through Netflix. 
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This was repeatedly named one of the "best shows you're not watching" by TV Guide. I watched it and loved it. So nice to see a completely functional couple on TV, like Tami and Coach Taylor. All around amazing show, acting and writing. You don't have to be a football fan either.
Our family is a little Who obsessed, but only for good reason. It's so fun. Traveling through time and space with The Doctor, in a police call box(it's bigger on the inside) Sign me up. There are many different Doctors. It doesn't matter which, Eccleston, Tenant or Smith they are all fantastic. Tenant is my favorite, but Smith has definitely won me over. Netflix has the old school Doctor Who too.

If you are a visual person, you might fall in love with Pushing Daisies. Everything is vibrant and technicolor. It does have a bit macabre premise, but it is never gory or sickening. The characters are all quirky and lovable. My only problem with this show was that is was cancelled before it's time and doesn't have a proper ending.

This is for you yard salers/antiquers out there or for people who want to know what to look for. Frank and Mike always know what to look for and find it in the most interesting places. They also know what to charge when selling these pieces. Very informative and fun.

Who doesn't love snarky commentary. This is a two for one. You can watch a usually pretty bad science fiction movie with the added comedic stylings of sentient robots.

This was my first introduction to what a cult was. It freaked me out enough to know to stay away from them. Movies that are "young" are usually pretty good. Young Frankenstein, Young Guns to name a couple. Don't fall for Young Indiana Jones, which is on Netflix, it is a snooze fest. It's Indy people, it's supposed to be exciting.

I am really not into cars, but the UK version of Top Gear is very entertaining. It's funny and educational. The hosts are always doing challenges, like building a rocket or racing on the Audubon. The celebrity guest has to do a timed lap and they are ranked accordingly. It's just good old fashioned fun with cars.
I could probably go on and on about shows. More sci-fi shows would be Battlestar Gallactica (frak ya!) and The X-Files (Hello, Agent Mulder) Both the UK and US versions of The Office (That's what she said) and some old school Kids in the Hall (I'm crushing your head!) for a dose of comedy, but you can't forget the drama with My So-Called Life (Angela Chase you're my hero) and The Twilight Zone  (You are now entering...) 

Okay, for those of you with Netflix what have you enjoyed watching so far? 

Netflix did not pay me for this post. Not that I would not have accepted if they asked. I wish they had, I bet they have crazy ad dollars to hand out.