July 30, 2011

Best Week Ever and Links

I was thoroughly entertained this week. I saw U2 in concert!!

It was amazing and I got free tickets to boot. So let's recap, I got to see U2's final US performance of their 360 tour and all it cost me was a tank of gas. (Our incredible friend in the Air Force received free tickets) As an added bonus their opening act was Interpol. I didn't know until we got there, so it was a nice surprise. I {heart} Interpol!

I may have not been able to feel the sweat come off The Edge's brow, but it was still an electrifying night.
I've found a new addiction.
Alright on to the links...

Hunter at Financially Consumed has a great theory, let's put it to practice. @financiallyc

Jana at the Daily Money Shot tells us what she has learned from Roseanne. I also{heart} Roseanne. @dailymoneypf

Watch out for that Avalanche! In Mint Condition has found the coolest thing since compound interest, for those of us with debt. @garnishwithmint

If you enjoy your personal finance blogs with comedic flare, check out  In-debt, Fat, Short with Bad Teeth. Every post makes me at least giggle and at most shed a tear in laughter. Sign up for twitter, Captain Sweatpants!

Jason from Live Real, Now asks What do you do? Complete with Tyler Durden quote. @LiveRealNow

Annabelle from The Year of Shopping Detox asks the million dollar question. Why are all the money experts so mean and yell-y?  Might be because some people are idiots. @annhepburn

And here's a video where Louis CK reminds us to appreciate what we have. 

Love these two gingys