My Garden Grows and Grows

It's been two months since I last shared a picture of our raised bed garden. We haven't gotten anything but sugar snap peas yet, but soon we will be having a veggi-licious time. I can't believe how fast everything is growing and that I haven't killed everything. I have a tendency to do that.

The monster on the right is our summer squash plant. I have had to cut it back a couple times because it's leaves overshadow the zuchinni and are taking over the snap peas. As you can see I need to cut it back again.

Since this looks like a big ol' green mess here are some more individual shots.
Sugar snap peas

Itty bitty green beans

Little cucumber

Summer squash from monster plant

Zucchini, just you wait. I'ma gonna grill ya!

I found a garden friend.
I am still waiting on some plants to show signs of being fruitful (vegetableful?), like the tomatoes, tomatillas and peppers. I also have some lettuces that are looking good and cabbage and cauliflower. I had to restart my broccoli.

I was afraid the bunnies would eat my veggies, but they seem to not be able to get to them, unlike my herb garden that they have pretty much destroyed. Dag nabbit rabbits! I used a mixture of cayenne pepper and garlic spray that might have worked, but with all the rain it never had a chance.

Another pest problem I have been having is with chipmunks. They like to dig around, but they don't eat anything. They're the reason I had to restart the broccoli, they dug up the plants. Chipmunk punks!

Well that's it so far, I can't wait to show pictures of baskets full of our harvest.
*Fingers crossed*