A Month of Batch Cooking, So Far So Good

It has been a little over a month since deciding to double up on certain recipes to build a bit of an emergency fund of food for crazy hectic nights. It's working! We have only gone out to eat one time this month and I still have some things in the freezer for those busy nights.
I thought it impossible, but my freezer kinda looked like this.
Not my freezer.
I couldn't have done it at a better time. With the kids being home from school and the temperature rising I am very thankful for my "stash". I am starting to run low on some things but it has been a money saver fo' sho.

Best yummies for the freezer so far
As you can see, I even started making some snack foods for when we don't need the whole meal. It has really been no pain. I just double up the recipes of meals I'm already going to make and freeze half. I am getting into a tiny pickle since I am not turning on the oven that much during these hot months, but the crock pot is a simple solution.
Crock pot, I just wanted to tell you I appreciate you.
Not my crock pot
This is definitely something I am going to continue to do. 100% worth the effort.