It's Summer! Link Love

My children get out of school next week. I can't believe it, I feel like I was just complaining about how cold it is outside. I am looking forward to this summer we have a few exciting things lined up to keep us busy.
Here are a few posts I have enjoyed this week.

Andrea at So Over Debt is trying to idiot-proof her summer. It's a great idea because there's nothing like warm weather to make you open up you wallet without thinking.

Jane is becoming a nag, but it is worth it.

Lately everyone has been answering the call to live their dream and travel. Nickel by Nickel is doing what she needs. Serendipity is going to New York. Bridget enjoyed her month long French experience, even if she had to come back home.

Matt at Bruce Bucks contemplates why are some changes in life easier to make than others. As we go through the seasons of our life we should embrace our inspiration and motivation to change.

Better Me, Better World is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. Whether she is Not Buying It, Reducing Waste, or just cooking, I'm loving her outlook on waste and saving money.

We are having a birthday weekend and I'm planning on making this rainbow cake or this one. Wish me luck!