Extra Income and Summer Slackin'

Part of my 2011 goals is to make some extra money to put toward our debt. This is a breakdown of this month's extra monies.

Ebay Sales $35.27
Half.com Sales $12.66
Etsy Sales $17.39
SwagBucks $10.00
Net Blogging Income $28.56

Total $103.88

Did you know you can make money blogging? Well.. I haven't made a lot, but you have to start somewhere, right? It's also nice that I was able to put some of that money back into my blog and purchase a domain name.

Although I am happy with making a bit of extra money, this month I was a bit lackluster in my attempt. Next month I am going to do more work with my Etsy store. In fact, that will be my mini goal for July, to promote and add more items to my shop.

Are you guys making any strides with extra income?

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