Changing to a Custom Domain and Linkin' Up

If you haven't heard the news, I got me a new fangled official domain name. Aww shucks, I am so excited, but I just want to tell any bloggers who feel they might potentially make a switch DO IT NOW! I'm not kidding. It really wasn't too difficult, but there are a lot of things to consider....

  • Your blog is growing everyday. Other bloggers may put you on their blogroll or link up to your site. Changing your domain name effects that. Especially those doing the Yakezie Challenge. I had about 158,000 Alexa ranking, now I have a 17.5 MILLION ranking. I'm not too worried, we'll get it back down.
  • Changing your links within your blog. On the 'Ways We Save' page I have a list of links from various things I have made, but all those linked to the old blog. Also blog posts with links to other debt free by thirty blog posts had to be adjusted. That took some time. Do you think I said blog, post and links enough in this point? Did your eyes glaze over?
  • My Favorite Places blogroll did a disappearing act. I didn't find it hanging out under the floorboards either. I had to find all my blog peeps again. This was probably the most time consuming, but in that process I did find a few 'new to me' blogs. Thanks to a couple great blogrolls.
On to the links!

Lindy tells us of the things she must learn over and over again. Why can't we remember these all so true lessons? 

One of the "new to me' blogs is $12 a day. I love the game of chicken she plays with her husband on their very tempting drive home. I have been on that ride.

Another jewel of a blog I crossed upon is Twenty-Two Months and this post where she figures out what she deserves. You may actually deserve it all, but you really have to choose what it is you want, because you can't have it all.

Budgets Are Sexy had a guest post by Elise Adams that was both funny and honest, that really resonated with me. 10 Ways to Stay Poor Forever.

Financial Success For Young Adults tells us all about Bond. Treasury Bond.

Carla from My 1/2 Dozen Daily makes a very succinct observation. Saving $$ is not for the lazy

That's all she wrote for now. I hope everyone is set to have a wonderful weekend.