Can't Forget About Dad

Keeping with our new tradition of making presents, I had to make something for The Sailor in celebration of Father's Day.

The Sailor received an iPod Touch a couple years ago for Christmas and ever since then he has been admiring cases. So I finally decided to make him one for Father's Day. 

I have to tell you that when he first received his iPod, he loved it like no other gift. It was always with him. At first, I thought his love would wane when the newness wore off. I was wrong. He only seemed to love it more as he learned of it's abilities. Many nights I have woken up to the blue glow of an iPod next to me, while The Sailor is watching Netflix or playing Angry Birds. It is always within his reach. 

Imagine how difficult it was to take measurements for said iPod case. One morning, while he slept, I grabbed it to take the measurements. Not very long after, The Sailor must have sensed his precious was not near, he got up and immediately asked if I had seen his iPod. Are you kidding me? So I tiptoed back upstairs to hide the thing under a pillow. He found it minutes later. We're lucky he found it, I think he might have actually called the police.

I am hoping he enjoys the case for his beloved iPod.
Old School GameBoy iPod Case

While making The Sailor his Father's Day card, I decided to turn it into another gift. I saw a card that was shaped like a heart and had a 'how I love dad, let me count the ways theme'. I thought it might make a good piece of homemade art. We (the kids and I) came up with this.

We used some fabric we had in the house and a fabric pen to write various reasons why we love Dad. Then we just framed the whole thing.
Some of my favorites are "You help me cheat!" I am pretty sure our son is talking about cheat codes for video games and "You're a dork." which is a term of endearment in our house.

These gifts will be topped off with breakfast in bed for dear old dad.

What do you guys plan on doing for your dad or the dad in your house?