We Survived the Rapture! Link Love

Well, Judgement Day has come and gone. I was positive we were going to see May 22nd, but that doesn't mean I wasn't prepared for it. It looks like we get live another day. At least until December 21, 2012.

Annabelle was preparing herself too. Creating the a frugal guide for the Rapture. Keep Calm and Carry On, paying your bills that is.

Kevin at Thousandaire reminds us not to wait 'til the end of days, Our Dreams Deserve Better Than Tomorrow.

Better Me, Better World contemplates the invisible nature of our 'always been there' items.

Now that we know that the future is ours, Lindy compiled A Ton Of Ideas For Making Money. Okay, I'm warning you, be careful with this one. You might get sucked into a time vortex continuum thingy looking at all the great ideas.

I love field trips. Laura takes us on one to her local farm shop.

Check out MomVesting's post about saving for our children's future with 529 plans. This is for you West coasters, the rest of us have to wait, but it's still good to start thinking about it.

Hope you are having a lovely, judgement day free weekend.