Pondering Utility Savings

Oh boy, what a week. Spring has finally arrived. I finally got my wish. Don't they always say be careful what you wish for. Am I ever. My head is filled with muck and my whole face hurts. When I told the sailor my face hurts, he said,"Well, it's killing me."  I would have given him the evil eye, if it hadn't been practically swollen shut. With Spring attacking all my senses, I was a little out of commission this week. I don't think I know one person that OTC allergy medicine works for. And dandelions can suck it.

At least we put out the retractable clothesline this week. The smell of sheets dried on the line brings back childhood memories, even if it makes my eyes water a little. Allergic reaction, not tearful reflection. The clothesline also brings in some much needed utility savings. Our dryer is electric and not energy efficient. It takes clothes forever to dry and is on its appliance death bed. The dryer is setting a bad example for it's sister, the washer, she is following in her elder sibling footsteps. She sometimes doesn't want to do her final spin. Yes, my washer and dryer are both women. Our first major purchase once we are out of debt will most likely be a new washer and dryer. This makes me almost jump up and down excited. <- This is a sign of something, not sure what.

Our gas bill will be significantly decreasing soon too, with the heat turned off. While I love living in 100+ year old house, it does have its drawbacks. Draftiness, is probably number one. Dungeon basement is probably number two. We live in an area that central air is not very common. It really doesn't get too warm around here, except for one week in July when you wonder why you wanted Winter to be over. We get by with box fans and our close proximity to a river breeze. River breezes are fortunately free.

The water bill, on the other hand, is going to be on the rise. We try to offset the cost with timed five minute showers, mostly for the kids. My kids would spend all day in a shower, even after all the hot water is gone, if they were allowed. Hence, the timer. We also made our own rain barrel last year, which helps with the watering of the new veggie garden. The garden is growing. I have had a cucumber plant die on me, but for the most part the plants are striving.

With rates rising across the board for utilities it's a good idea to cut back where we can.

Now if you'd excuse me, I have to go rub my eyes for they are itchy. I know I shouldn't rub them, but that momentary relief feels so good.