Minimalist or Not

In an effort to sell all my useless possessions, I have done a thorough inspection of our rooms. Only to find very few items that could go on eBay or When looking around our home there are not a lot of knickknacks or trinkets and our closets are not full, but filled with clothing we wear. We have no extra electronics or small appliances hiding out in our home. As much as I would like to say that I am intentional minimalist, that is just not the case.
Our military life has us always on the go. We are constantly moving. Every three or four years, our worldly possessions are packed up and shipped off. I am a one of the few handful of people who enjoy relocating. Not only am I the wife of a sailor, I am also the daughter of a sailor. I am used to this somewhat nomadic lifestyle. I can feel this urgency in my bones at about six months before we leave a place. Once we are gone it is like pushing the reset button, I am ready for the next phase. Maybe I'm a robot?

As an added bonus to our transient ways, we don't keep much stuff. Though we may not be physically packing, (we do get the luxury of professional movers, this could be why I don't mind moving so much. Packing and lifting boxes; not my idea of a good time.) it is an exhausting endeavor to oversee. Less stuff also equals less packing, less paperwork, and a little less stress.

Admittedly, we do have a few things that most minimalists do not. We have a plethora of curtains and curtain rods, and two different cords for our dryer, some places have three pronged outlets, others have four. Does anybody know why this is? As if you don't have enough to deal with when moving. Though we have these extra things, for the most part we keep our belongings to a minimum. In addition to not knowing how many windows we'll have or what dryer cord we will need, we also have no guarantee how large or small our next place will be. Only keeping the things we need and use prevent us from worrying about getting rid of something or getting a storage unit.

Everything in our home we have bought ourselves. This creates a freedom to get rid of whatever we want. There is no guilt in selling or donating items we have outgrown or don't absolutely love. Nothing is my grandparents' or my husband's great uncles'. In essence, nothing is safe.

All the while, I wasn't even aware that we were practicing minimalists. My picture perfect minimalist has uber modern furniture and uses negative space effectively. Is that stereotyping? A style quiz told me I am Bespoke Classic, but I guess there is room for minimalism in any style genre. Minimalism is a state of mind, not just a couch or a painting.

In life, some things end up happening by accident, we never set rules about our possessions. Although, I love the idea of  the one thing in one thing out rule. Now we are even more conscious of this lifestyle. I would rather have a few things I use, than a bunch of stuff that just lays around. As Tyler Durden said, "The things you own end up owning you." 
I know lots of bloggers getting rid of 1,000 things or just cutting back on their belongings. Are you feeling that sense of freedom? Is it a choice you are happy with?