Makin' Some Stuff for Mom

Mother's Day is almost here already. It is the sneakiest of all the holidays for me, I can never seem to remember it and it is never on the same date. This year I actually remembered about it a few weeks ago and set out to make something for my mothers.

People with children are fortunate, photos of grandkids always make good Mother's Day gifts. I am doubly fortunate that both my mother and my mother-in-law really love handmade items. I know some mothers expect more, but mine are happy with the thought and time given.
I stumbled upon this idea and thought I could do that (with a little modification) with items we have at home. I did attempt to make some small photo magnets but I couldn't get them to look gift worthy. I was using regular paper and mod podge, just didn't look right. I was trying to use items we had at home, but I unfortunately don't live in a craft store.
Cute, but a little too grainy for gift giving

Not to be deterred, I came up with a slightly different version. I did have to buy some items, but it didn't break the bank. The magnets I made are bigger and use foam board. I used picnik to edit my photos and add a polaroid border; than brought them to the store to print out.

Now, after all the cutting to size, it was a matter of gluing the photo to the foam board using mod podge. I contemplated putting a coat on top of the photo, but decided against it. It could go either way. The magnet strip has a sticky backing that holds pretty well. The foam board is lightweight, so that helps. Here are some finished products.

I like them so much I even made myself some. I really like the idea of having mini photo magnets... I may have to revisit this with wallet sized prints.

Cost Analysis
Poster board sized foam board,  $2.76
Magnetic strip, $.69
Prints were $.28 each, I got 10, $2.80
I could have gotten the prints cheaper using the 1 hour machine, but I used the quick print by accident.
All the other supplies we had at home.

Total $6.25 for 10 magnets.

Each mom will get three photo magnets (I got four) with a stationery set and a card made by the kids. I will also write a note stating that a stationery set is NOT a subtle way of saying you don't write enough. It's just pretty paper. Moms can be touchy.

Now I have something else to cover up dents in the refrigerator.