A Mad Hatter's Birthday Party

Warning: this is a very looonnng picture filled post about a girly birthday party. 

Blogger decided to kill my last post, but I am in such an allergy induced hazed, I don't even care. So I thought I would share pics from our very frugal tea party.

Last year for my daughters' ninth birthday, I may or may not have gone a bit overboard with our theme. We were to have a Mad Hatter's Tea Party birthday celebration.
Cheshire Cat papercraft found here
I printed birthday invitations from home, on antique style paper. The image came from a quick Google search.

I printed wax seals on to address labels and cut them out. Looks like the letter was sealed by the Queen of Hearts herself.
I made a birthday banner from the same antique paper and colorful card stock and ribbon. I used two different size glasses and cut each one out.

I decorated mini bubble bottles with scenes from Alice in Wonderland. The mini bubbles are from Oriental Trading and the scenes are printed on 2x4 mailing labels, they fit perfectly.
I made signs to lead the way to our backyard.

I made all kinds of goodies like cucumber sandwiches, scones, truffles and a red velvet cake that said "Eat Me" on it. We also had a plethora of teas; black, green, orange, mint and iced. Of course, the only picture I can find is of the truffles.

I spent countless hours trying to find ideas and pictures for inspiration. I searched many antique stores and yard sales for teacups and teapots. 

The girls played games like "paint the roses red", where they colored different print outs of roses and we played riddle games. The most fun game was finding the Cheshire Cats hidden in our back yard.

Cost Analysis
Items from Oriental Trading $55
   This includes paper lanterns, bubbles and items not pictured like the gift bags, flamingo pens and heart shaped notebooks.

Teacups and Teapots $35
   I did keep some of the teapots I found, but after the party I sold the lot on Ebay for $50 and made a profit.

Everything else like the wood for the sign or the mailing labels and paper we had in our home. 
I also didn't keep track of the cost of the food, it was just added to our grocery budget.

Total $40

$40 is definitely not bad, but I did spend a lot of time planning and searching for the right prices. If I had tried to plan this in a week, I would have spent way more money. This was so much fun to put together and my girls had a blast. 

This year is not going to be as elaborate, I get exhausted just thinking about how much time it took to pull off that birthday. The plan this year is a trip to Knoebels. It's a small, but fairly priced amusement park. It won't be nearly as cost effective, but it will be a lot of fun. It will be a nice getaway too.