Halfway Point, Schmaffway Point

I was prepared to do a whole post celebrating our midway point in getting rid of our debt. That is not going to work out, because with a little help from our tax refund we blew that milestone out. of. the. water. 

  • Home Improvement Loan
    • $3,044.20
  • Navy Federal Visa
    • $1,443.42
TOTAL $4,487.42

Difference from last month    $4,308.88

Difference from beginning   $10,248.63

This couldn't have come at a better time. Our Visa had an introductory 3.9% offer that has gone up to 9% now. The difference between paying around $20 a month in interest and now paying $50 is not one I like. In your face, 9% APR! 
If things keep up we could be out of debt in four months. FOUR MONTHS!!! I almost can't believe it. 

If you want to see the history of our debt evaluations, click here