Extra Income and The Month I Didn't Do A Budget

Let's just get to it.

Half.com Sales $4.14
Etsy Sales $202.18
SwagBucks $10.00

Total $216.32

Not bad for being in an allergy induced haze for most of the month. I sold two handmade items, one vintage scale and five more printers trays.
Star Wars Finger Puppets, A Vintage Scale,
Where the Wild Things Are Finger Puppets and Printers' Trays.
You could say my Etsy shop is eclectic.

This month I spent half my time rubbing my eyes and all of my time avoiding the great outdoors. Every year I think that I won't be affected by the pollen and every year it gets worse. I finally made an appointment to get another appointment with an allergist. My eyes are thankful.

In other news, I didn't do a budget for May. Gasp! It wasn't entirely on purpose, but even when I realized I didn't have one, I never remedied the situation.

I still kept a bloodshot eye on our spending and am happy to report that we didn't spend money we didn't have. This does not mean we are done with budgeting, we will definitely have a June budget, but it's nice to know our whole financial world didn't collapse without it.

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