Dining Out Confessions

Well I did it again.

I super failed another months mini goal. That's three months in a row. Next months mini goal should be eat more chocolate. May was supposed to be a no eating out month, that didn't happen. The sailor and I had a couple lunches together and two nights the whole family went out to dinner.

In all honesty, I actually forgot about my challenge. I haven't written about it at all this month and I don't even remember talking about it with the sailor either. Whoops! Sometimes I wonder if I am sabotaging myself.

With the girls having softball games every Monday and Wednesday night, getting home to make supper is difficult. It is after 8PM when we get home, so a couple times my planned dinner gets pushed back and PB&J takes its place or we go out to eat. I have to remember to do simple suppers on these days, because I really don't like eating out. Crock pot, me and you gonna be BFF's.

I love that my children are involved, but coming from Winter, when we do hardly anything, to Spring, when every night there is some activity, it gets a little tiresome. Dem's the brakes, when you got yourself three kiddos though.

How do/did you juggle kids and dinners with work and activities?
We don't do fast food, but sit down restaurants aren't exactly healthy alternatives either, I wish there was a place we could go that had healthy food for not a lot of money. Oh, wait, that's my house. Dang!