Coupon Savings in April

Part of my 2011 goals is to track our coupon savings throughout the year. This is what we saved in April.

$2.85 10% Off Lowe's, military discount
$7.53 10% Off Lowe's, military discount
$14.50 20% Off Coupon Olympia Sports

$24.50 Grocery coupons 04/01 This is the most in one visit so far this year. It was a 12% savings.
$3.50 Grocery coupons 04/07
$5.00 Grocery coupons 04/15
$5.55 Grocery Coupon 04/18

April Total $63.43
YTD Total $199.67
So close to $200.  My grocery coupon gusto is waining, I didn't even use one on our last grocery trip, but I am coming back full force in May.

We did use a lot of in store coupons or discounts, well, more than usual. Since we haven't been doing a lot of unnecessary spending these type of discounts don't usually come up. With all the sports equipment we bought and the raised garden supplies they came in handy.