Are you prepared?

At our house we are preparing for the worst. You can never be too prepared and the boy scout in us has gotten inspired to do just that. Fire, check. Injuries, check. Zombie apocalypse, check. Here are a few things that we have put together...

Fireproof Safe- How we don't have one of these already is a mystery to me.  It may have been the expense, but the expense is far greater if we have a fire without one. Great for birth certificates, passports and other important documents. Also can hold household inventory videos or lists.

Household Folder- This is everything anyone should need to know about our family. If one of us was injured or not able to communicate, this folder explains schedules, phone numbers of emergency contacts and family and even things like when payments are due. Here are some printable pages.

A Fully Stocked First Aid Kit-  A list of supplies can be found here. Even if I have these things around the house, I like the idea of having it in one centrally located place for emergencies. We also got a first aid book.

3 Day Supply of Food and Water- One gallon per person per day is recommended for water. We also bought water purification tablets. Canned tuna, rice, cereals, canned fruits, vitamins and vegetable oils are recommended for food. Don't forget our can opener or the salt and pepper. We also have to rotate out our food when things are about to expire.

Survival Hand Guide- Tells us information we need to know about cleaning water to drink or how to clean a fish. An atlas is handy too.

Tool Bag/Box- Small axe, screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, adjustable wrench, collapsible shovel and rope. This is another one where we have all this around the house, but I like having it in it's own bag ready to go when needed. Other items include waterproof matches, a compass, signal flare, flint fire starter, duct tape and scissors.

Hand Cranked AM/FM Radio-  Along with a hand cranked light, flashlights and whistles for all members of our family, batteries, and candles.

Kitchen Supplies- Resealable plastic bags, aluminum foil, garbage bags, towels, mess kits, bleach and a camping stove.

Personal Hygiene- Toilet paper, deodorant, razors etc.

Creature Comforts- Cards, games, warm socks, pen and paper and blankets.

Cash- Small bills are best. We are keeping $150 in ten dollar bills, we will add to this sporadically. Of course we will keep this in our fireproof safe.

How about at your house, are you prepared? Or do you think about it, but never do it? We did that a lot, but now it is all together and the peace of mind is well worth it.

Emergency Checklists can be found here, here or here