Random Bits of Entertainment

It has been a bummer of week here at our casa. Nothing too bad going on, just some bugs and bad weather. I have not been feeling tip top, causing me to lay on the couch and watch more TV than I care to admit. We have had weather woes too. Holy moly, what is with the weather? Around my neck of the woods it feels like winter started all over again. It has snowed, thunder showered and hailed this week and an inch of snow is on the ground. Erghh, I think we are going to skip right over spring this year, hopefully we get a decent summer. I could probably complain about the weather all day so I'll change the subject.

Like I said I haven't been feeling too well, but I have watched excessive amounts of Hulu and Netflix. I have also been cruising the interwebs. Since I am not really up the task of writing a riveting post about our finances, I thought I could just share some of the entertaining things I found. Does that make this a cheater post? Oh well.

James Franco, the hardest working man in America?
I have always liked James Franco. I really can't put my finger on why, but you have to admire someone who keeps pushing themselves and doesn't think celebrity is the pinnacle of life.
This clip also makes me very glad I don't watch General Hospital.
Another also, Renanemsis my new favorite word.

Lindy Mint from Minting Nickels tweeted..

First day without cable. Did not go over well with the six-year-old. It will be an interesting month!

I am hoping she has Netflix and gets through the month unscathed. Congrats on getting rid of your mind washing box!:)
It got me thinking about some of my favorite cartoons and shows as a kid. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (links to Netflix watch instantly) was one of my favorite cartoons. Can't forget Rocko's Modern Life or Eerie Indiana, those might be a tad to "mature" for six, they are both TV-Y7. My children have enjoyed watching these, but so have I. I catch myself laughing frequently.

Oh yeah, I am on twitter now. It may be a little addictive. If you can't get enough of PF bloggers, I suggest twitter. There is always something going on. Usually, I resist social networking sites. I rarely go on my personal Facebook page, but I am diggin' this. Yes, I know I am kinda late to the party.

I found the house of my dreams.

I will be doing this, as soon as it stops freakin' snowing.

This is some funny sheet. Actually, Repeating Third Grade is fun sheet on more than one occasion.

Anna from And Then She Saved cracks me up. I love her sense of humor. I am glad she found this as awesome as I did.

Okay, now it is time to tell me what you think of James Franco and what your favorite shows were when you were a kid. I was essentially raised by a television, so there is a pretty good chance I may know what show you watched, even the really obscure ones.