Making My Thumbs Green

My black thumb has been passed down for many generations. This ability, I believe, is something that comes natural to me, but I also learned from a master, my grandmother. My grandmother only need be in the vicinity of a houseplant to kill it. From what I understand, she only used her incredible mind powers, but that was effective. Combined, my birth right and the tutelage of a master, help make me the harbinger of death for plants who cross my threshold. They whisper of my misdeeds and shake in their pots, wondering what torture I will bring them.

That might be a tad dramatic. Although, I still have quite a bit of trouble keeping plants healthy or alive. I have a tendency to over water, but combined with my tendency to under water, plants never really know what to expect. I don't mean to be so neglectful, but that is a side effect of being forgetful. Could I be playing psychological war games with my plants and not even know it? Am I trying to make sure they know who's the boss and that they need me to survive? I am being dramatic again.

Not anymore I say, with the drama and being a serial plant killer.

This year, one of my goals was to start an herb garden outside. Well, I am taking it up a notch. Not only will I be doing an herb garden, I am also starting a vegetable garden. Before I started, I did some research to combat my sadistic gardening skills. Most of my new found knowledge I got from online searches and great gardening blogs. I also went to the library and borrowed  Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. (Thank you, Molly) I am on my way to being a friend of the plant world.

Time to get my hands dirty. Since start up cost in a garden can add up quickly, I tried to save money where I could. I had to buy a few things like seeds and dirt, but I made seed starter cups with newspaper and used aluminum trays that I had in the house. I used a strawberry syrup jar to wrap the newspaper around to make the seed cups. Alton Brown would be proud of my multi tool. Once the seeds were planted and watered, I set the trays in front of a sunny window.
Yes, I am pasty.

I could use a tan.
Twenty seeds a growing.
Now I have 80 seeds growing in my house. It has been a week and they seem to be doing okay, I have a few things sprouting up. I can't even explain how excited I am to grow something from seed. Growing makes me happier than my previous arrangement of being the executioner. I am just keeping my fingers crossed my seedlings don't figure out my past and commit mass suicide.

Soon enough I will be building a raised garden bed. Some time after that, I hope, to be making fresh salsa and tomato sauce. With the rising cost of food, this is one way I am trying to lower that expense.

I know many personal finance bloggers garden. Is there anyone trying it for the first time this year? Anybody else a converted black thumb? Any tips?