It just keeps adding up

These last couple weeks have been insanely busy around our house and by insanely busy I also mean rather costly.

As I often do, I put my foot in my mouth when I told my children if they got straight A's they could have $100. I may have underestimated their ability or motivation, but after seeing their mid quarter report card, I honestly didn't think they could pull it off.  There were too many B's. Well, I thought there were too many. In retrospect, I basically double dog dared them to get straight A's. They triple dog dared me right back, I deserve their revenge.
This won't be happening again. The paying for good grades and underestimating my children. I am very happy that they all agreed to $50 cash and $50 in their bank account. They were enthusiastic about saving it for college, I couldn't be prouder. 

Now I know why my dad didn't sign me up for sports when I was young. It is expensive. I mean "whoa, that's what is cost?" expensive. My daughters started softball a couple weeks ago. With buying almost two of everything and all the gear attached, it was close to $150. That was with thrift store shopping and some ebaying. I am just hoping we can recoup some cost next year and resale some of the equipment. I just remembered soccer registration is next month. Dang! Kids are expensive and it only gets worse, right?

The raised bed garden that I am building is almost done. The initial cost of these materials is a little frightening, but the end result will justify the money spent. (I hope) So far I have spent right around $100. This is for the supplies for the garden bed, the soil mixture and lots of seeds. Too many seeds actually, so I am looking into selling some extra vegetable plants at the local farmers' market. Our farmers' market is humorously small only a few vendors, there might be room for me and a side hustle. Wait, is it still a hustle if I don't have a full time job?

April is turning out to be a money sucking pit of a month, but it has gone by in a flash. I didn't even mention our Easter related costs. Most of these costs were budgeted for, but it's still a bit unnerving to spend so much money.

How is your April going? Are you ready for May?