Extra Income and an Etsy Experiment

Still trying to make some extra money and this was a good month.

Half.com Sales 6.03
SwagBucks $10.00
Net Etsy Sales  $81.15

Total $97.18

I have dipped my toe into Etsy. I started selling my handmade items and I sold a few, but I was not really making any money for my time and I was spending a lot of time on it. So I stepped back and reassessed the situation.

Pasta Primavera and Mushroom Sage Ravioli made from felt.
Fun to make, but very time consuming.

We cleaned out our garage a couple weeks ago and I found a really old iron mailbox. I had completely forgotten about it. The plan was to use it for our own mailbox after we painted the house, but it was just too small to be practical. Mail was much smaller in the olden days. I figured since it most certainly was vintage, I would try and sell it on Etsy. Just about 12 hours later it was sold, for more than what I had paid for it. I thought maybe I was on to something. So I took a gamble and bought a pretty big stack of printers' drawers for five bucks a piece at our local thrift store. My gamble hasn't fully paid off, I still have some drawers left, but I am very happy with these results. I have bought a few more items and listed them and now it is just a waiting game. 
There is a ton of great information dedicated to helping you sell on Etsy. I found  20 tips for selling on Etsy very informative.  Handmadeology has a sweet section with Etsy tips.
I am absolutely not an expert, but here are my humble Etsy tips.
1. Photography is paramount. Having beautiful photos will nudge people to look at your product.
2. Use the Treasury feature. It's a great way to see what is out there and "meet" other sellers.
3. Do some reconnaissance. Search to see if anyone is selling what you are (there probably definitely is), check their prices and shipping rates. Set your prices accordingly.
Printers' drawer and old iron mailbox. Hot items on Etsy:)

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