Death of the Breakdown

Thank Jebus it's April!  I think pretty much everyone is over March.

This just in, I will no longer be doing a "Friday Breakdown" post. When I started this blog, I did Friday Breakdown to help keep me accountable for the previous week in spending, but to tell the truth I am exhausted by the amount of time and detail those posts take. I would rather just start with an overview without specifics of how much I spent and what I bought. As of now there is no spending to report.

My mini goal this month was to walk 20 miles, I failed. My first flat out fail of the year. I walked only 14 miles this month. I do blame the weather, but there were definitely a couple times it was just plain laziness. This bums me out a bit because I found a dress I liked, but I am sticking to my guns. I didn't meet my goal, so no dress for me!
Alas, it was not meant to be.
For April I have high hopes. My mini goal this month is to reduce our grocery spending by 15%, which means  my spending on food should not exceed $650. I think Aldi will become my new best friend this month, maybe we can actually become BFFs. I mostly don't go to Aldi now because I really dislike going to two grocery stores. Aldi has wonderful prices, but doesn't always have what we are looking for. We will see how this goes.

The weekend brings no plans except to get the girls ready for their softball practices next week, still have to get a few things like gloves and shorts. It is nice to have sports coming back into our lives again.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.