April Showers Bring April Failures

I was pretty sure waaayy back in March that April was going to bring warm weather and that I could lower our food expenses to $650. I was wrong. On both counts. April has been cold, rainy and occasionally snowy and we have officially spent more money on food this month than any other this year. Doh!

April wasn't all bad though. We made some extra moolah, my cake making skills improved and our daughters had their first softball game. We also have some pretty spectacular news about our debt numbers, but that is for another day.

May is going to be better, at least numbers wise and hopefully weather wise too.

We are planning a big birthday amusement park trip in June. All three of my children have June birthdays, one big shindig might be the way to go. It shouldn't be too expensive and we need a little break. All work and no play makes Niki a dull girl.
You should have seen the sailor's face when he noticed me making this.
It probably looked like your face does right now.

See what I mean. 

To save some extra cash we are going to do another no eating out month. When we attempted this before, in February, we did very well. We did sneak to the grocery store for ice cream, but that is a lot cheaper than a family of five dining out at any restaurant. February was also our lowest food cost month too and I am always up for a challenge.

Are you guys planning any getaways? Are you feeling guilty about them? I am, but just a teeny weeny bit. I did just make the above picture, if that doesn't show our need for a mini vacay, I don't know what would.