2011 Goals Update: March Edition

Financial Goals
1. Get out of credit card debt. 
Killin' it.

2. Track coupon savings. 
So far this year we have saved $136.24

3. Save $1200 for Christmas. 
$300 saved and ready

4. Save $600 for 30,000 mile maintenance. 
$150 saved
5. Save for a new washer and dryer.  
$65.86 saved thus far, I didn't add any new monies this month.

6. Make some extra cash
Thanks to some awesome old coins we have made $292.03 this month bringing our yearly total to $463.06

Personal Goals

1. Read at least 20 books. 
I have read 2 books this month. I read Kurt Vonnegut's Hocus Pocus, this took me some time. Normally I devour Vonnegut, but I could not get into the swing of things with this one. I also read Stories: All New Tales. Lots of short stories by some of my favorite authors like Neil Gaiman and Chuck Palahniuk, but also introduced me to some new to me authors too. I enjoyed it. 

2. Complete 4 home improvement projects.
I have completed one project.

3. Grow an herb garden. 
This one should be starting soon.

4. Be nice to the sailor. 
We celebrated our ten year anniversary this month, so we were a little annoying with all the lovey dovey stuff. 

5. Blog at least 15 posts a month.
Nailed it!

Edited to add walking failure

The Walking Resolution

So far this year I have walked 34 miles. This is above the American average weekly, but I want to do better. My mini goal of walking 20 miles in March was not quite met when I only walked 14 miles. I am hopeful with warmer weather on its way, I can get on top of this.