Too Stupid to Cook and Other Whimsical Things

Just wanted to share some interesting things...
America: Too Stupid to Cook 
I love it. Every word. I almost made a real ranty post about this subject alone, but Michael Ruhlman says it better than I can any day. I also found this, 
In his magnificent cookbook How To Cook Everything, Mark Bittman writes that “Americans must have been sadly alienated from the kitchen for pancake mixes to ever have gained a foothold in the market, for these are ridiculously easy to make.” 
Thank you to Laura from I'm Losing It Here, she actually posted about how easy pancake mixes are to make.
Project Simplify 
Over at Simple Mom they are doing an organizational makeover to different "hot spots" each week. I think I may get involved in this one, might just be the motivation I need to spring clean. There is a a giveaway each week too.
Each Monday, I’ll reveal the hot spot, and on Friday, we all share our results. Before and after pictures are the only requirement, and everyone who participates is automatically entered to win that week’s giveaway!
Sounds like fun... kinda.
Harry Potter DIY Wand 
I absolutely love Geek Crafts, it always makes me smile. This Harry Potter wand is so amazingly simple and pretty cheap too. Some people are just magical when it comes to creativity. Not me, obviously, with my lame pun.
Need to waste hours of your time? This is the site for you. Whether you can actually draw or not. I can not draw but, you can still "watch" other works of art being made.
Backyard Scrabble 
This looks like so much fun.
Now Scrabble games at the Crane house are a physical as well as mental pursuit. The players have to get out of their seats to place their tiles on the board and pick new ones from the selection spread out face down in the grass.
All I can say is that I want to make one.