Time to put a ring on it

I apologize in advance for all the gratuitous ring shots, I just couldn't help myself, they're so pretty.

Ooohhh & Aahhhh
A diamond ring. When my husband and I got married almost ten years ago, we could not afford wedding bands or engagement rings. Heck, we had trouble just paying our rent. We didn't have a huge wedding, we really didn't even have a wedding, we got married at the clerk of courts under a tiki hut. We eloped and I have never ever regretted that decision. Of course I don't regret the getting married to the sailor I love, but I mean not going through the stress of planning and paying for a wedding. I, of course, do not knock anyones decision have the big wedding of their dreams, it just wasn't our dream.

You're so purrty

But back to the rings, I didn't and still don't mind not having a ring. My idea was that after ten years we would get our rings, it sounded like a practical plan at the time. About three years into our marriage, the sailor wanted a wedding ring for Christmas. Sweet, right? So we went to the jewelry store and looked at rings. Before this time, I had only thought that I wanted a simple band with maybe a teeny tiny diamond. That is until I looked at all the pretty little rings in the case. Wow, at the sight of all those shimmering rocks, I turned into an Oprah audience member. Clapping my hands and jumping up and down, well at least in my mind I was doing these things. Why does a diamond ring make me turn into a blubbering idiot? I don't even wear jewelry.

Only $15,000, no problem.
Anyway, the sailor got his modest ring and I was was left contemplating myself. Why did I feel like I wanted a huge diamond ring. I am still trying to figure that one out. Must be some ingrain ancestral thing or commercials. I just know now that with our 10 year anniversary fast approaching I still haven't found my "perfect" ring. I have been looking, but to no avail. When I look the big name jewelers, I see rings within the price I am hoping for, but nothing that really excites me. I found Topazery, and I love most of these rings, but they can be quite pricey. Turns out I have a thing for Edwardian jewelry, who knew? Another odd thing, we hadn't been saving for my ten year ring, I wasn't sure how it was to be paid for. Maybe I just assumed the diamond fairy would come out of her mine riding her platinum pony with my congratulatory rock of a ring since we made it ten years. In reality, I was more likely thinking that by the time we were married ten years we could afford to purchase a ring. Technically I suppose we could, but at what cost.

Wanna come home with me?
After a long talk with the sailor about rings and other manly things, we came up with a plan. One we should have come up with earlier, but oh well.  Wanna know what we came up with? Guess what... we are going to save up for a beautiful yet sensible ring that I love. Even if it takes a little bit longer than planned. I would rather wait for a little longer to get something I want rather than just something I can afford. So, I am not getting my ten year anniversary ring, it might turn out to be my eleven year anniversary ring, or maybe eleven and a half years. At this moment in time we are too much in the getting out of debt plan, to misspend on a ring. Especially since neither one of us are all that worried about the ring anyway. They are very very pretty, but absolutely not a necessity. So for now it is just window or monitor shopping for me.

All rings are from topazery

P.S. I thought I would share a little side story with you about last night. We were all eating dinner and talking about things coming up in March, such as birthdays, St Patrick's Day and some other events. The sailor asked what happened on March 22nd. I thought it was a general question asked to everyone at the table. Being the history buff he is I assumed it was the date of some important historical event.. I looked around at a bunch of confused faces (the kids, I was also bewildered) and asked "Well, what happened on March 22nd?" The sailor gave me a really confused look and said, "It's the day we got married."
Oops, I guess I forgot.... again. This is the long running joke that I never remember the date.