Rejecting the Inevitable

I finished reading The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach a few weeks ago. I am not sure what I was expecting but the advice was pretty predictable. It is all about setting up savings accounts automatically and paying yourself first. Not bad advice at all, quite the opposite, just nothing new. Interestingly enough, Bach did say that budgets don't work. Wha? Obviously I whole-heartily disagree, but I can see the point he makes. Which is, as humans we can't be regimented for too long or we will go hog wild and spend everything we have like a crazed socialite on Rodeo Drive. Well.. he doesn't say it exactly like that, but you get the point.
It got me thinking about the budget we have in place, is it actually sustainable over the next year. Is there a point where either the sailor or I will snap and go on that unpredictable spending spree that wipes out all our hard work? Is it just bound to happen? I would like to think not. And here is why...
It is not going to be forever.
It may feel like it sometimes and at a snail's pace to boot, but it is not. Within the year this debt should be gone and than it is off to bigger and better things to do with our money. Granted we will still have a budget, but it will definitely have more leeway.

Our budget is a guideline and it's working.
We don't always come on target or under our budget, but it does help us determine where our money goes and how much of it. Not to forget, since having a budget in place we built up a $1000 emergency fund, paid for Christmas in full and paid over $4500 toward debt in about six months. Something's working.

So far, no pain.
But there has been gain. Maybe it is our optimistic attitudes, but we have not been pining away for the days when we spent willy nilly. We are nowhere near deprived. Sometimes I think we could actually give more to our debt balances, but our spending seems reasonable and I don't want to fix it if it ain't broke.

The goal.
This one is a little tricky. While our goal right now is to get out of debt, the reasoning sometimes changes. Some days it is because we want security on other days it's because we want to fund an amazing vacation. Either way you look at it, we still need to start here to achieve any of these other things.

Now, this isn't to say I don't think we will never have slip ups in our spending or be over our budget. It means that we are in it for the long haul. This budgeting light has been turned on and there is no off switch. At this point I can't envision any scenario where we give up on budgeting and go back to our old ways.

Are you guys as enthusiastic or are you exhausted by budgeting?