One Down, Three to Go

One of my goals for this year was to complete four home improvement projects. I had been planning on painting our upstairs hallway for quite a long time, it was just a matter of getting up off the couch and doing it. It wasn't just painting that needed to be done. It also included installing two new light fixtures, two new outlets, four light switches and replacing those covers and removing a wall sconce that we never used. I also had to repair a hole in the wall and get a door stopper.
Our house is a hundred plus years old Victorian. I love it, I have always loved old houses. This house has amazing character. When we were looking at houses online I saw this one and knew right away that she was meant to be ours. The next day and a cross country flight later it was in the works to be all ours. She needed a lot of TLC, but most things were cosmetic and I enjoy doing that stuff anyway. Well, enough about my house here are some before and afters.

The window hanging is actually one of our old windows from the attic that we replaced last year. This sucker is anchored in like it's life depended on it. Well I suppose it's and the owl's life does depend on it. 

I have a thing for owls and I love this blog.

So, I went all karate kid on our hallway. It took forever. This hallway has seven, yes seven, doors and let's not forget the linen closet, five drawers and crown molding and big ol' baseboards. Lots and lots of exhausting trim painting. I should shut my mouth and stop complaining though, because we are fortunate enough to have one of a handful of really old houses that actually have tons of closet space. I took off all the knobs and cleaned off the old beige paint that had been on them. This is another reason I love old houses, I found two of our door knobs and plates were actually copper. Some lemon, salt and vinegar later they were all cleaned up. As well as they were going to get anyway. After a couple days the patina has already started again. But you can see the difference between the first picture and this.

Total Cost $87.11
Most of it was for the two new lights, two way switches, the light switch plates and one gallon of paint. I had to buy more trim paint. I had enough wall color paint from when I painted the downstairs hallway, last year. This also accounts for the little things like the hooks for the window and a junction box cover.
I didn't buy anything for decor. The picture frames were all around the house and I had been wanting to do a gallery style wall. One of the pictures is covering where the old wall sconce used to be. I didn't patch the hole, you are not suppose to, so other people will know there is a junction box there and don't drive a nail into and electrocute themselves. I also sewed the curtains, well hemmed might be a better word, I had one long panel sitting in our attic that I cut in half and then hemmed to fit the window. 

I am really giddy to share this for some reason. I suppose it is because I am sharing a bit of my home and I worked really hard on it. I would have loved to say I did it all by myself, but the sailor did help. He helped clean up the crystal knobs on the drawers and put in one of the overhead lights, because after I put a light up my shoulders felt like my arms had been over my head all day long. Sailor came in and saved my rotator cuffs. Thank you, sailor. Now that it is done, I am so happy. I can't help but smile every time I walk by.