Friday Breakdown

Friday Breakdown is a weekly series where I go over how much money I spent for the week.
The first number is what has been spent in that category so far this month,
 the green number is the difference from last week,
 (the parenthesized is a snapshot of what the money was spent on.) 
$592.61 +$93.69(car insurance and maintenance fund)
Internet and Cell Phone
+$49.44 (cell phone bill)
Christmas Savings
+$50 (Christmas savings)
 (no change)

Credit Card   
$1100 +$700 (payin' down debt)  
$110.28 +$40.28 (violin rentals)
Entertainment and Rec
$227.39 +$166.94 (netflix, allowances and a shopping spree)
$624.85 +170.45 (groceries)
$102.55 +$15.44 (envelopes and dish towels)
$1000 (no change)

$45.60 (no change)
$336.58 +$132 (electric bill)

This month is full of birthdays and baby showers for us. My best friend from middle school is having her first baby in April. She is my first friend from school to have a baby. I am ├╝ber excited. When I was looking a the baby clothes it is hard to believe my kids would ever fit in them. My daughters especially, they were under five pounds when they were born. They were so tiny.
I also bought a CD from Rockabye Baby, they have turned rock and roll to lullabies, I love it. 
Other than going a little baby shopping crazy, we had a good week. Mostly bills just being paid and killing some debt. Oh, and my cell phone provider took $5 off my bill this month for being a loyal customer. That is nice considering last months bill.
My walking challenge is going pretty well I have walked 12.5 out of 20 of my miles. Can't wait to get that dress.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend. The talent show is back on tonight, so excited. We also have a party to go to this weekend for adults. Not that kind of adult party, just one without kids. Yay! Babysitters!