Friday Breakdown

Friday Breakdown is a weekly series where I go over how much money I spent for the week.
The first number is what has been spent in that category so far this month,
 the green number is the difference from last week,
(this is the first week of the month so no green #)
 (the parenthesized is a snapshot of what the money was spent on.) 
$498.82 (savings, car payment and gasoline)
Internet and Cell Phone
$60.55 (internet)
Christmas Savings
$50 (savings)

Credit Card   
$400 (partial loan payment)  
$70 (piano)
Entertainment and Rec
$ 43.83 (satellite radio and allowances)
$ 228.56 (groceries and dining out)
$95.58 (home improvement)
$1000 (mortgage payment)

$45.60 (dental bill)
$204.58 (gas and water)

Ahhh.. We went out to eat. We cracked, not even just once, but twice. I was really tired of cooking every night. I have been working on some home improvement projects around the house and was exhausted beyond the point where I could cook. Not too worried about it though, we enjoyed ourselves. 
The sailor was involved in a car accident, he swerved into a ditch instead of hitting the truck in front of him. Once he got out of the car, he had to help pull someone out of their car that was on the guardrail. It was teetering and looked like it was about to go over into the river. It never fell over, but it sounded pretty scary. He said that if he hadn't of swerved that he probably would have been decapitated by the truck in front of him. Needless to say, he was a bit freaked out and after he told me what happened so was I. I am so glad he is okay, but it really put into perspective what we are trying to do when it comes to getting out of debt and saving for the future, because as morbid as it sounds it may mean a future without one of us and we need to be prepared for that financially.
Okay, now that had my debbie downer moment, I can't wait to share pictures from my home improvement project. There are few more things that need to be done, but it should be soon. I know you will all be waiting with bated breath. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.