February Budget Evaluation

Info: green good (under budget) and red bad (over budget) black is on target.
Internet and Cell Phone
Christmas Savings
Credit Card   

Entertainment and Rec

Overage on paycheck. I guesstimated the sailors paycheck, because he got a raise at the beginning of the year and I under estimated.
Total $44.24 under budget.
$1.65 into ING Clothing account (hey, it's somethin')
$39.38 into washer and dryer fund
$3.22 Ouch! That goes toward debt repayment. 
That phone bill really messed up my chance for a decent extra payment this month, but it didn't mess up my regularly scheduled payment and we put a little chunk into the washer and dryer fund. Those guys (washer and dryer) will be going to appliance heaven sooner than later, so every little bit counts toward their funeral expenses.
All in all not a bad month, we did do less in our food budget than normal and that can be attributed to not eating out. Even if there may have been a couple ice cream runs. But we did run to the grocery store rather than Dairy Queen, which is more cost effective. I am happy with this months progress and we are motoring right along into March for some more debt disintegration.

P.S. I can't believe it is March already!