Extra Income and Some Antique Coins

Part of my 2011 goals is to make more money to put toward our debt. Here is this months tally.

Rebate Check $3 <-- pathetic, ugh!
Half.com Sales $3.03 <--- lame-o!
SwagBucks $5 <--- worst month ever :(
Antique Coin Sales $281 <--- That's more like it!

TOTAL  $292.03

The rebate check is from buying Energizer rechargeable batteries. My Half.com sales are a little ..okay.. a lot low. Most of my high priced games are gone. Most of what I am selling now is DVDs. They aren't going for much and are the opposite of hotcakes. Hmm... cold lima beans? I can usually get about $10 in SwagBucks a month, but this month I barely squeezed by with $5. Next month will hopefully be better.

Now for the antique coins part of making some money. When we remodeled the upstairs bathroom a couple years ago, we found fourteen really old coins in the walls. Using the internet, I tried to see if they were worth anything, but that was completely useless. So I put them in a pretty box on our shelf and they had been out of my mind until recently.
While spring cleaning, I remembered they were there and thought I should really look into seeing how much they were worth. One full day of driving around to various coin and stamp places, that was quite the adventure in itself, and we sold them to the highest bidder. Which, coincidently, was the first place we went to, but I had to make sure, for my own piece of mind. Since I had been there earlier, when I walked in the door, I handed him the coins and he handed me the cash and I walked out. Even when I had been in the shop earlier it had not been a hassle. He looked up the coins in his book and wrote down the prices. Pretty simple stuff. Not a bad haul for something found in our walls.
Little coins worth some kinda big money