Just some things I have learned since starting this debt bustin' blog

In honor of my little ol' blogs half birthday, I decided to share some of my learning experiences.

How to budget
When I first started our budget I had over 25 categories in it. It was hard to keep track of and not to mention it wasn't very pretty on the blog. It also equaled failure. I was over budget immediately in those categories since it was spread so thin. Once I changed it to eleven categories with an occasional seasonal bonus, it made it so much easier. Even if I went over a little in dining out I could be under in groceries it all equals out under one catch all "food" budget.

Blogger is okay
Once I started getting obsessed umm... reading other personal finance blogs, I felt a little regret in not researching the matter a little further and going with WordPress or even self hosting. I didn't realize that some think that Blogger is like having an email address with AOL.(somewhat antiquated) Now I am more than okay with it, I like the look of my blog and I don't feel limited by it either. Plus, some of my favorite bloggers are on Blogger.

Not everyone is supportive, but that's alright
Some people think you are nuts for diverting so much energy into getting out of debt. Or on the other hand they don't think you are doing enough. The only thing I can say is that you have to make your own choices and be happy with it. Don't let haters get you down. Read positive blogs that cheer you along, not tear you down or question your choices. There are an amazingly high number of people who are supportive and kind. They also give me a ton of ideas and suggestions that I would have never thought of on my own.
We can do this
When this first started I was skeptical. I felt like we might be giving up too much to get this done. Now I know we aren't giving up anything. We are building the foundation for our future. It is not easy, but we will be debt free.
So here is to at least six more months of blogging and hopefully more!

P.S. Lindy at Minting Nickels and I both started our blogs on the same day. Strange, right? If we are considered blogging twins, I am the Danny DeVito to her Arnold Schwarzenegger. In that I am the more unknown of the two, but Danny DeVito is the funnier one and Lindy is down right slap my knee, choke on my food funny, so I am not sure which I am or who she is, dang me and my mixed up analogies. Well anywho, happy half birthday, Minting Nickels!