Frugal Enemy #1: Laziness

Laziness, it is my Achilles' heel in this frugal war I am waging. Here are some examples of how my laziness cost me.

Exhibit A: Feeling indolent, I asked the sailor to put away the roasted chicken, being the nice person he is, he cut off the meat and threw away the bones. He didn't realize I was going to make chicken stock. Which I needed for a dinner later in the week. I could have easily put away the chicken, but I didn't want to.

Exhibit B: After a day of ice skating, sledding and just generally being cold, I slacked on making dinner and went out to eat.

Exhibit C: Occasionally, out of forgetfulness and negligence, I leave laundry in the washing machine too long and have to restart it, wasting detergent, water and electricity.

Exhibit D: My daughters have a tank top that the strap needs to be mended, my delayed attention has caused this clothing to become too small, that and my daughters inability to stop growing

In my dream world, I morph into some kind of June Cleaver that can do anything and everything. Make every meal effortlessly, with a smile on my face. No problem. Complete all the laundry. You got it. Save hundreds on my car insurance in fifteen minutes. Can do.

Now let's talk reality. I am not June Cleaver and I kind of don't want to be, but I also beat myself up a bit for not being being 100% efficient. In all my scenarios above the cost of my passive behavior was arguably negligible, though I want to do better. I am always trying to find this happy medium where I give myself a little praise for accomplishing errands while not hating myself for not finishing others.

I do like holding myself up to a higher standard, but could go without the guilt when things slip through my fingers. I don't like feeling like I am lazy. For the most part I know that I am not lazy and no one around here is telling me I am. I just know I could spend a little less time on the computer.
On my to do list: give myself a break, but also be more efficient. <--- See why some might think me neurotic?

Do you guys ever beat yourself up for not being "perfect"? I know I am my own worst critic, but I think I should start learning to be my own best encourager too.

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